Maaleht EMPL

FOREST Conference
30th october

Noblessneri Valukoda

Humankind doesn’t have many years left for halting climate change. Forestry is almost the only sector in the world that can offer solutions to the present climate challenges. Forestry has been widely discussed in Estonia, but there has been no development or progress. Little attention has been given to what’s happening in this sector in the world.

Ekspress Meedia and the Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association are organising a conference, which will be held on 30 October at Noblessner Foundry and where forests and wood will be discussed in light of the present climate challenges. The objective is to discuss the topic on the basis of facts, the opinions of specialists and cooperation. We will disprove the simplified view that the forest is nothing but wooden spoons, furniture or firewood. Far from it. Everything can be made from the forest. We want to open people’s eyes by speaking about this.

What opportunities could Estonia have in light of the biggest challenge faced by humankind today? What should we do to be a pioneer in this field?

The day will be filled with statistical overviews, discussions of the connection between the forest and the climate, the global view of forestry, trends, local opportunities and developments, the view of scientists, and debates about policy and possible developments. It will be a busy and informative day where every participant can have a say and ask questions.

Everyone interested in informed forest management and future opportunities as well as participating in discussions of the developments in the field is welcome to attend the conference. Politicians, environmental officials, representatives of local governments, private forest owners, representatives of companies operating in the forestry sector as well as NGOs operating in the area of environment and environmentally aware people are welcome.


Morning coffee and assembly
Opening & Forest facts
Future of the world – clothes and consumer goods made of wood?
Jari Laine, Aalto University (Finland)
Can wood help us save the world and reduce the ecological footprint of humankind? How?
Annela Anger-Kraavi, University of Cambridge
What are we doing today to leave good forests to the generation after the next – the focus is on forest management in Estonia.
Aigar Kallas, State Forest Management Centre
Break & snacks
Forest facts
Debate of political parties – is the current wood industry adequate and adequately informed for Estonia? Should we decrease or increase the impact and role of this economic sector in society?
View of a scientist: the impact of climate change on our forests in the future and vice versa
Veiko Uri, Estonian University of Life Sciences
Climate change in business strategy based on the example of Estanc AS.
Priit Haldma & Kalle Palling
Forest facts
Overview of the Finnish forestry and forest industry sector - example of responsible forest management.
Terhi Koipijärvi, Metsähallitus (Finnish national forest management)
Panel discussion: How to turn Estonia into a green tiger - the focus is on the better and higher valorisation of wood.
New forest diseases and related risks to our forests.
Rein Drenkhan, Estonian University of Life Sciences
The positive effects of forestry and forest industry on the global climate.
Peter Holmgren (Sweden). ex-Director General, Center for International Forestry Research, CIFOR
How does the wood industry improve the wellbeing of society?
Raul Kirjanen, Graanul Invest
Summary & Networking